The Mayo Curse – Update Update

Latest update: Mayo lost again to Dublin in 2017 by one point — DUBLIN 1-17 MAYO 1-16.

Mayo lost the (2016) rematch.

It was a draw, and Paddy Power felt that since neither team played brilliantly bettors deserved a refund in the form of a free bet. Odds on Mayo to win have been reduced to 5-2 for the rematch on 1 October. Price for another draw: 9-1.

Croke Park in Dublin will be full to capacity — 82,000 — tomorrow, 18 September, for the Dublin-Mayo Gaelic football final.  Many of us who are not regular fans will be interested in the result. Will Mayo finally lay a 65-year-old curse and win? Bookmaker Paddy Power doesn’t think so. He has Mayo at 10-3 and Dublin at 4-11. Draw 10-1.

Everyone knows about the curse. Mayo won the final in 1951. On their way back home from Dublin they were passing through Foxford in County Mayo (alternatively, Tarmonbarry in County Roscommon) when they encountered a funeral. It is said that they didn’t show sufficient respect to the deceased, and a local priest cursed the team: they would never again win a final until all the men on that 1951 team were dead. Two are still living.

It is believed that the most powerful curses are those of a widow and a priest.

Mysteriously, the current parish priest in Foxford says he can not only find no record of a curse, the parish records contain no record of any funeral in 1951. “From around 1949 until 1952 there are no records at all of the deaths in the parish.”

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